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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Worksheets for Clients and Therapists
Ready-to-Use Handouts and Evidence-Based Exercises to Create Meaningful Change
By Veronica Walsh

Tear-out worksheets that guide clients step by step through helpful CBT therapies

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is all about teaching the client how to think and take a rational approach to their behavior. But any therapist knows that getting a client to engage in their own treatment can be a struggle. This handy book is here to provide straightforward help. Packed full of worksheets, activities, and crystal clear explanations, it’s a complete resource for therapists to use with their clients.
CBT theory is important, but application is what makes it stick. These worksheets and activities will help clients apply their skills to strengthen and cement them. They’ll examine their behaviors, recognize limiting patterns and gain a more complete awareness of their own thinking.

Jun 2019
Trade Paper
9.25 x 7.5
144 pages
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