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Be a Real-Life Mermaid
Unleash your Inner Siren with a Colorful Tail, Seashell Jewelry and Decor, Glamorous Hair and Makeup, Fintastic Persona and More
By Virginia Hankins

A professional mermaid shows readers how to bring passion into their life through mermaid magic

Hasn’t everyone wished for a seaside escape at one point or another? Life is better under the sea, and hundreds of thousands of people know it. The mermaid phenomenon is taking the country by storm–from colorful mermaid hair and makeup to nautical decor and fin fashion–and anyone who has ever said they’d “rather be a mermaid” is jumping on board.

Part craft book, and part self-help with a splash of fun, Be a Real-Life Mermaid is perfect for anyone who wishes they could trade their legs for fins. With tips and tricks included to master mermaid makeup, design ocean-inspired decor and create aquatic accessories, anyone can unleash their inner sea goddess and transform into the fierce, shimmering siren they really are.

Written by one of the world’s most successful professional mermaids, Be a Real-Life Mermaid includes instructions for creating a glamorous seashell crown, throwing a siren soiree for a group of mer-friends, choosing and swimming in a real mermaid tail and more.

Oct 2017
Trade Paper
7.5 X 9.25
DIY and Craft
Pop Culture
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